Nearby Hotels of Lummi Island

Lummi Island is quite a famous destination of Americans in their leisure time where they want to enjoy their holidays or some days from the hustle-bustle life of cities. So this small town is filled with multiple citizens various American states and even other European countries during summer and other vacation seasons. If you are making plans to fly towards Lummi lets we have detailed information about their famous hotels to make your trip more fun and memorable.

The Willows Inn

The Willows Inn HotelWillows Inns’ biggest hotel in Lummi where you can touch all the traditional and modern taste of Lummi Island. Investors from the farming and fishing industry used to pick this hotel to stay because Lummi is said to be industrial Hub of fishing and farming. You can have a spa, 24/7 free Wifi, wonder-full seascape view along mind blowing greenery under one roof.

This huge hotel contains a bar facility to make your evenings more color full of friendly interaction of the local elite. Willow inns provide you facility to have dinner around a complete healthy atmosphere where you have a stunning mountain view with hiking trail, you can chill inside also if you need little silence while having lunch or midnight or day meal.

Silver Reef Casino Resort

Silver Reef Casino ResortThis multi-story hotel is the full package for anyone who wants to discover Lummi, online check inn availability from all over the world help everyone to have their space within their affordable rates. Silver Reef resort located only 3.8 miles far from Lummi Bay shore that’s why it also called Bay shore Inns. This resort is built-in with a casino and you may have a shopping facility around their supermarket. You can book their room which is decorating with comfortable furnishing, 24/7 Wifi, coffee maker, large TV screen and you may have Free parking and breakfast.

Outlook Inn and New Leaf Café

Outlook Inn and New Leaf CaféThis hotel is located in the historical building along with the ultimate sharing of modified facilities of the modern world. Outlook provides you waterfront stay with more chill and relief from your busy work life, their rooms and halls are help you to have a fully warm environment with contemporary comfort. You could make your desirable coffee though available coffee making devices in your staying room. Enjoy bathing with whirlpool tubs and you can also have the facility to have a private lounge during your stay.

Sehome Garden Inn

Sehome Garden InnThis resort is filled with mind freshening views of large greenery with ultimate island culture. On this beautiful laying space of Lummi Island You may experience clam and classic rooms and suites with the adorable interior, they are providing wide balconies and open-air spaces for walk dinner and high tea servings, their room is decorated with earthy paint color to smooth your stay with more pleasure, you could mini-refrigerators filled with mid craving solutions, this hotel is associated with multiple restaurants chains where you can find fast-food hamburgers to traditional juicy chicken dishes according to your taste buds.