Lummi Island Washington the US

Lummi Island Washington the US

Lummi Island is one the main summer destination in the US, located in the Whatcom country which is the northwest corner of Washington USA. This beautiful Island is situated in between the main part of the county and also occupied offshore from San Juan County.


Lummi Island Washington the USLummi Island consists of around 822 persons and most of them are working as hotel proprietors. It is a very famous point for travelers in summer and almost it has double or more than double population during summer times. This said to be the most favorite laying destination of Canadian or Australian and Central American investors. Usually in this Island people don’t wish to move that’s why it has the very least ratio of moving from there to another state therefore the population of this island is used to almost constant since 1979.

Buildings and infrastructure

This peaceful land is not being destroyed with huge concrete buildings and constructed areas. So there are only 939 housing units since 1979 and it has little incensement since this was open for the public. But instead of a housing unit, this tourist loving area has lots of bed and breakfast houses which are used for commercial purpose. Lots of units were occupied with a mortgage and it could be around 147, data shows that you need to pay one around 900$ for a month if want to take a median house on rent.

Educational institutes

This short Island has around 151 high Schools, also there are colleges which provides you various Associate degree program. In Lummi Island, some colleges are also offering Bachelor’s degree program to facilitate their residence citizens.


Lummi Island Washington the USThis Island has an almost noise and pollution-free atmosphere just because people are usually avoiding to use fuel-consuming transport. Lummi doesn’t have any kind of subway, intercity bus terminal, and any fairy station for moving one end to second at the seaside. The people in Lummi mostly use bicycles and cars, of course, this will create a healthy impact on the overall climate of their Island.

Occupational Status

This Island has satisfied employment rate due to various government and private organizations, according to studies it was stated that around 152 private and 3 government institutions are working to maintain the administration and other prerequisites of residents and citizens are happy with their yearly income generated by travelers and domestically also.

Why it is Famous around the U.S

This small Island is popular due to unique salmon fishery, a favorite place for numerous artists because this outstanding area provides their visitors an amazing seascape with facilitated rural settings. This is the main hub for farmers and fishers due to proper utilities of land and water, this is also well known for its hundred years ancient church which is now closed.

Lummi blessed with mind-blowing windy roads which are very popular among all bicycles. This Island is also covered with a large range of mountains and they also turn them into hiking trail for world hikers, it gives you the ultimate views of San Juan and the Gulf Islands.